get involved

Ways to participate:

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The Mountain Math Initiative can only serve our mountain kids with the help of caring community members who are willing to invest in our students.  Please let us know if you are interested in getting involved in these (or any other) ways.  

  • Volunteer to meet one-on-one at a regularly scheduled time once per week with a child in a specific grade level.  Both zoom (online) and in-person arrangements possible.

  • Volunteer to be periodic on-call help in case a primary volunteer needs coverage or if demand is high.

  • Volunteer to help provide periodic written feedback on student work.

  • Volunteer to help with enrichment mini-units (quarterly).

  • Donate.

Student volunteers can earn community service hours and will grow in confidence, communication skills, and math comprehension!  There is also the potential to connect with regular paid tutoring arrangements if interested.

All volunteers will receive training on both the technology used to interact online with students and effective techniques to help a student learn new math content and push through challenges.  The Mountain Math Initiative can provide some technological tools where needed.

Volunteers should have an aptitude for the level of math they would like to assist with and a passion for the subject and helping kids.  You do not have to be a math expert to be a huge help for a child who is struggling with a concept!