The Mountain Math Initiative is the joint effort of
       Marcella Jones - a junior at Los Gatos High School,
       David Kissner - her middle school math teacher,
       and mountain parents and community members.

Math can be hard.  Mountain kids have always had a variety of needs for extra math resources:  extra one-on-one help, homework questions, help with foundational skills, etc.  Other students need an extra challenge to keep them engaged and to encourage their love for math.  Every student needs someone to share their enthusiasm for math with them!

The COVID crisis has exacerbated these needs.  Without in-class instruction and varying levels of in-home support available, some students are at risk of being left behind.  The Mountain Math Initiative seeks to help address the achievement gap by providing resources, free of cost, to anyone who needs it.

This is a new pilot program.  There will be a steep learning curve as we seek to match resources to needs.  Please be patient if things don't go perfectly smooth at first.  We will modify and grow offerings as we can to meet demand.  Feel free to provide suggestions and to get involved!

Marcella Jones

david kissner