Extension lessons

We are excited to offer two extension classes this school year!  Taught by credentialed math teacher David Kissner, these are opportunities for students to find challenge and to go beyond their grade-level coursework.  These small-group classes meet twice per week.  Contact for further information.

Algebra 1 Prep.  Designed to help prepare younger (5th and 6th grade) students for an advanced math pathway of taking Algebra 1 in 7th grade.  Will cover linear algebraic functions and their applications, as well as an introduction to polynomials and factoring.



  • Expressions, Equations, and Problem Solving

  • Properties of Real Numbers

  • Solving Equations

  • Graphing Linear Equations and Functions

  • Writing Linear Equations

  • Systems of Equations

  • Intro to Exponents and Radicals

  • Intro to Polynomials and Factoring

Intro to Calculus.  Designed to be a fun and challenging learning opportunity for any student who has already completed Algebra 1 at a minimum.  We will be looking at the fundamentals of both integral and differential calculus, and laying a solid groundwork for a students' future calculus classes.  Emphasis on rates of change, tangent lines, connections to Algebra, real-world applications, and understanding the fundamental concepts that underlie the study of calculus.



  • Instantaneous and Average Rates of Change

  • Limits and Continuity

  • Derivatives

  • Integrals

  • Applications

Contact us now if you are interested in either of these courses - space is limited and we get started late August!