Enrichment activities

Enrichment Activity #1
21, 22, 23 OCtober

Instructions and data tables

two second metronome timer

day 2 video
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day 1 video
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day 3 video
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The Mountain Math Initiative plans to offer 4 quarterly math enrichment activities.  These short multi-day lessons employ hands-on applied math skills and are designed to engage students of multiple grade and skill levels.  Use the materials you have at home to see math and science in action!  Let us know below if you'd like to be on the mailing list to get more information on these activities as we get closer!

Quarter 1: Data Lab. Graphing and interpreting linear and nonlinear relationships.
21, 22, 23 October

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Quarter 2:  Levers, Simple Machines, and Mechanical Advantage.  (TBD Spring)