The Algebra 1 course is currently full.  If you are interested in this or similar offerings, please do let us know so that we can keep your child on a wait list, possibly connect you with other resources, and better assess demand for potential additional sections.  Thank you!
-Mountain Math Initiative Team

algebra I

We are excited to offer a full Algebra 1 course this school year!  Taught by credentialed math teacher David Kissner with supplemental instruction by parent and community volunteer Ozden Akca, this is a rigorous course covering the entirety of California State Standards for Algebra 1.


This course is designed to move rapidly through foundational algebra skills before diving in-depth into more advanced topics such as geometry, business, and science applications of systems of equations and quadratic equations.

This Algebra 1 course will include live online instruction, independent and collaborative work, homework, labs and projects, and assessments.  While this course does not provide credit for a school transcript, feedback will be provided on work and assessments, and a traditional letter grade will be assigned for the course.  Most importantly, we aim to keep it fun and for students to gain a sense of pride for their accomplishments in a rigorous course.


  • Expressions, Equations, and Problem Solving

  • Properties of Real Numbers

  • Solving Equations

  • Solving Inequalities

  • Graphing Linear Equations and Functions

  • Writing Linear Equations

  • Systems of Equations and Inequalities

  • Exponents and Radicals

  • Polynomials and Factoring

  • Quadratic Equations and Functions

  • Rational Expressions and Equations

  • Introduction to Probability

  • Applications to Geometry, Science, and Business


This course begins on 31 August and runs concurrent with the LGHS and LPJUSD school schedules, to include holidays.


Live, Online Instruction, 1hr.


Live, Online Instruction, 1hr.


Asynchronous Learning Activity.  (any time)


Live, Online Instruction, 1hr.


10 -11:30 AM.  Enrichment Day: problem solving, preparation for math competitions, puzzles, etc. (With Ms. Ozden Akca)

WHO.  This course is capped at 20 students.  Students of any grade are welcome to enroll if they can demonstrate the aptitude and motivation for an accelerated Algebra 1 course and the discipline and student skills to be successful.  A mastery of arithmetic skills, the ability to think abstractly with variables, and a love for math are prerequisites.  Younger grades might join to find a challenge and to grow in an area they are interested in.  High school students might wish to revisit Algebra 1 before taking Algebra 2 next year.  7th grade students hoping to take geometry in 8th grade should consider this course.  Please use the contact form below to provide details about your student and find out if this might be a good fit.

MATERIALS.  Students will need a computer and access to consistent internet access during the live sessions.  A simple calculator, pencil, graph paper or grid composition book, and ruler are the only daily needs.  While we will try to keep printing requirements to a minimum, there will be the occasional need to print.  There is no need for a textbook for this class, as resources will be provided online.  However, if your student prefers to have a textbook reference at home, any traditional (i.e. at least 10 years old) Algebra 1 text will do (Algebra hasn't changed much over recent history :).


Contact us now if you are interested in this course - space is limited and we get started 31 August!